Frequently Asked Questions…

When will my Wonderful Xmas cards arrive?

You’ll receive your card pack by November 20th.

Where / When do we send our cards?

You’ll need send us your completed Wonderful Xmas Cards by December 10th. You just pop a stamp on your creation, and return it back to us. All the instructions will be included with your card pack, and also sent to you by email.

As a group / workplace / school class, do we have to individually stamp every card?

No! Please feel free to put all of your completed cards into a single envelope or the delivery box, and simply send that to us :)

Can we add gifts to our postcards?

Unfortunately, no. We can only deliver flat paper cards. As much as receiving the gift of socks or chocolate is a lovely gesture, we won’t be able to pass them on!

Can we include a return address?

We love the idea of pen friends being made through this campaign. Our advice here is that you can include a return address if you want to, but please don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a response. Your recipients may be frail or in ill health, and care home managers can be understandably protective over their residents - they make the final call about what’s appropriate and what’s not.

How do you find older people to write to?

We partner with a range of care homes and community organisations across the UK, and pass on your post to the relevant staff members, who distribute the cards to those residents most in need of some Christmas cheer.

How do you keep everyone safe?

We check every Wonderful Xmas Card by hand before distributing them to older people. It’s a lot of work, but great to see all your creations.

How is this campaign funded?

This campaign is 100% funded by people like you. The money you pay for cards covers printing, promotion, and most importantly, scouring the country to identify suitable recipients (this is notoriously difficult!). Without your support the Wonderful Xmas Post could not happen, so here’s to you, you absolute legend, Merry Christmas!

Any other questions?….

We’re always happy to chat! Get in touch