SHeffield, England, UK

Steve Roche


Steve is a stonemason and letter carver specialising in hand-cut letters, bespoke inscriptions and public art projects at his studio in Sheffield, England, UK. Using traditional calligraphy techniques, he sets out his work by hand and cuts inscriptions using a mallet and chisel.

"The 'Made in Sheffield' mark used to mean quality. There's still this atmosphere here in Sheffield. We know we make really good things."

For his Wonderful Post, Steve took a cube of Derbyshire fossil limestone, quarried nearby his home, and shaped it into a unique Rubik’s cube. He says he hopes his piece conveys to its recipient that traditional skills are still being used, even in a contemporary way, and that he’s put everything he can into every step of the process.

Join Steve, and take part in The Wonderful Post Project.