Nominate a Mate to receive Wonderful Post


Post brightens days. Request some mail full of joy, hope & inspiration.

If you’re a charity or project who’d like to nominate multiple recipients please click here.

How it works…


Nominate a friend, family member or someone else to receive mail

Enter their first name and the address you’d like their post sent to.

Tell us a bit about your nominee and give us some tips on what is likely to make their day. Perhaps they love unicorns? Fave song? Like eating pizza? We’ll use this as inspiration.


A wonderful post creator will receive your request

Your nomination will be sent to one or more of our Wonderful Post creators.

They’ll use the info you provide as inspiration to make and send a piece of Wonderful Post. It may be a piece of art, a poem, a letter, or something else creative and uplifting.


Wonderful POST is delivered

Wonderful Post creators are artists, makers & crafters, of all different skill levels, who volunteer their time and stamps to fill your nominee’s heart with joy, hope & inspiration. Our mail is sent with love from 27 countries across the globe.


How long will it take for the post to arrive?

It can take a few days for us to review your request. Once approved, it will be distributed to one or more Wonderful Post creators. They are given 2 weeks to make and send their Wonderful Post. All in all, your post can take up to a month to arrive. Please note: Things can take longer if they’re sent from a far-off location, and sometimes things do get lost in the post. There’s nothing we can do about this, sorry!

How many people can I nominate?

The more the merrier! The goal of this project is to send uplifting mail to anyone that needs a boost. If you’re going to nominate a lot of people, please just make your requests as personal as possible. If it feels spammy, we won’t be able to pass on your request.

Is this project safe?

Our creators pledge to ‘do no harm’ and only send uplifting mail. By signing up, you agree to only enter your own mailing address. This means you don’t have to worry about sharing anyone’s data and leaves you in complete control when it comes to checking the post and delivering it to your nominee. It also means you will get to see their reactions first hand, which can be a pretty great experience!


Submit your nomination

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are currently closed. We’ll be open again very soon. Please follow our Instagram for updates.

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