Portland, Oregon, USA

Lucy Bellwood


Lucy is an adventure cartoonist based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

“The Wonderful Post feels like getting desert in my mailbox. It allows people who don't share your specific world view or background to appreciate what you have in common.”

For her Wonderful Post, Lucy speed-painted an amazing watercolor of a tall ship. That’s incredible in it’s own right, but then she cranked her creative notch to 11, to go above and beyond.

On the back of her creation, she wrote a full, descriptive letter to her Wonderful Post recipient, about where she was, and the nature of the season she’d been witnessing before her eyes recently.

She then cut her watercolor into several small pieces, turning it into a truly remarkable, handmade jigsaw puzzle. To read the letter, you have to put all the pieces together properly.

Carefully placing her creation into an envelope, using a flame, and in true ‘ahoy there!’ style, Lucy then sealed the envelope with wax and a nautical stamp.

All we can say is… WOW!

If you were going to send a piece of creative snail mail that expressed who you were, to a fellow Wonderful Post participant somewhere on planet Earth, what would you send?

Join Lucy, and take part in The Wonderful Post Project.