Portland, Oregon, USA

Jason Sturgill


Jason is an artist & illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

"Inherent in the process of sending something in the post is you showing that you are recognising another individual. Everybody loves mail day. It's kind of like this magical moment."

For his Wonderful Post, Jason created an illustration with a message, and turned it into a stunning Risograph print, using ‘Barbara’ - one of the riso printers at the Outlet studio in Portland. His beautifully designed piece simply reads:

“I can’t love you until I love myself.”

On the back of his riso print, Jason wrote a note to wish his fellow global citizen well and give them an insight into what the piece means:

Hello from Portland, Oregon, USA.

I hope this post finds you well.

The message in this piece is my attempt of reminding myself that self-care is the first step to care for others. In the process of making this piece, it has become a mantra to remind me to look inward before making judgements on the outer world.

Jason Sturgill