@tropical_delirio // Cali, Colombia

Hi, my name is Diana Acevedo, I'm from Cali, Colombia. I'm a freelance graphic designer and i'm passionate about illustration, no matter if it's digital or traditional illustration, each technique has its advantages to make unique and expressive pieces. I believe is possible to generate bonds and empathy through art with countless of people. You can find more of my work on Instagram @tropical_delirio

I know by experience that we, as humans, don't always know how to deal with pain and hardships and often we can't go through these processes alone. We need to speak what is troubling us and confront it, lean on others to heal is very important too, sometimes we just need to be heard with compassion and listen encouraging words from people that is not necessarily close to us, like if life is sending us a signal that everything will be better soon.

Jez is a hardworking man whom often feels sad because his work makes him spent weeks far away from his family, somehow feels he's missing valuable time with them. He has wonderful family with her spouse and two already grown up boys, one of them recently moved to New Zealand and his wife gave birth to a beautiful girl. He loves floor laying, brogue styled shoes, a good glass of whisky, the seaside landscape of New Zealand but specially Morecambe Bay in UK and of course what he loves the most is his family.

I made a poster-like letter which depicts the sea and a hand pointing beyond, that symbolises being far from his loved ones, but above has a message that tells about how being part of a family means he will love and be loved forever, no matter the distance and time. He may feel lonely but he's not and he is more loved than he could possibly imagine, that's why he is going to receive a wonderful post. Also made a bunch o brogue shoes cards, inside of every pair there is an uplifting phrase to remind him to keep going on, that he's strong enough and had overcome a lot of things until now. Finally i wrote a short letter telling him about how much i've been thinking on him and how to make something he could enjoy, just a few words, didn't wanted to be excessive or overwhelming with him. Envelope is decorated with waves on the backside, and sealed with a cat sticker on the front.

I would like to think he'll at least chuckle while reading and looking all the things i've sent him. More than make him happy with my post, i'll be glad if i can ease his feelings of loneliness just a bit. I wish i could keep in touch, i bet he has a lot of great stories to tell, but only time will decide that. In any case was a truly refreshing experience.

This project took me out my comfort zone, because everything is digital nowadays, so turning back to craft something manual was challenging. I've got pretty excited when i read whom was assigned to me, and it was funny because i also have a dear one working at the sea that also spends months away from home, so i felt quickly related to Jez, because he's kinda alike to him, they have the same ache created for being apart from his loved ones for so long time. But i also know that even if they're far from home, love can keep growing strong between people, so i wanted to do something that reflected this enduring bonds that protect and nurture us even in the hardest times.

My main advice will be to investigate about the things that our recipients like, that could give us a way to connect with them. If it's band, then listen to their albums. If it's a place, then research photos and read articles about the lifestyle. If it's an author, try to collect as much info as you can. Then when all of your investigation is done, let creativity find its way to express and create something meaningful more than beautiful. Is a total art to think and choose the right words and right artwork to communicate with someone you don't know nor seen anywhere in your life. It takes a pouring your soul onto it, but is a truly amazing feeling.