@theflawfulbibs // Hong Kong

I’m Kelly and I’m an university student from Hong Kong. I took part in the project because I thought it is such an amazing thing to be able to cheer someone up with my art and creativity, and that I can learn the stories of strangers across the world.

My recipient loves the show Grey’s Anatomy and the character Meredith, and her friend wanted her to know that she can achieve great things ahead. That’s why I drew a portrait of Meredith using colour pencils, and included a quote she said in the show. I really hope she likes the painting, and that it can cheer her up or give her the courage to continue her journey towards her goals and dreams.

It was really fun taking part in the project, especially when brainstorming what I can do for my recipient! My advice for other creators would be not to worry so much, just have fun and create wholeheartedly! And I think your recipient will simply love all the effort and thoughts put into your work.