@smailie_gio // Washington, USA

Hello! My name is Giovanna Solomon, from Olympia Washington. I'm an Entrepreneur and Mail Artist as well as Letter Writing Advocate.

Often we believe that changing the world we need to be a big powerful public figure that will rally and push the masses. Changes in society that are lasting are those efforts to are made in a smaller scale person to person, with a genuine intention to help and encourage individuals and not for a self-gain agenda.

Writing Letters had become for me a way to fight against the new normal that were facing nowadays, where people have a false sense of belonging in social media platforms but they experience increased socio-emotional detachment. Letter Writing is without a doubt a noble medium that helps us reach hearts without the pressure of popularity or "good looks".

My Recipient's name is Eric he had been facing some struggles and had moved to a new place and started a new job. Eric loves finding new music and travelling to far away places, he would love anything with a Elephant on it ;)

I thought on encourage Eric by picking an uplifting quote and create a card putting this quote inside an elephant silhouette in a chalk sign style.

I also had chosen some of my vintage onion skin paper and my typewriter to surprise Eric with a letter in a school vibe. I can imagine that Eric will be a little surprised and intrigued to receive my a letter from someone who he doesn't know but he will be touched to see that a loved one nominated him for a Wonderful Post delivery of awesome art and kindness.

By sharing my creativity and passion for the written word I'm contributing to the greater mission to keep ourselves human to reach put despite barriers that may seem evident. The Wonderful Post is indeed an initiative that it's addressing the impact of modern times in people. When we offer hope and encouragement we are indeed changing the world!