Shannon Wheeler // @muchcoffeeman


“Creativity can show that we're not alone in the universe. There's other people out there that feel the same thing.”


In our Meet A Creator series, we highlight some of the amazing people who volunteer their time and artistic skills to make Wonderful Post for someone facing isolation or adversity.

Throughout the short films, we’ll talk all things creativity, from how the creator got to where they are today, to their process and inspirations, as well as all things snail mail.

In this episode, we meet Shannon Wheeler, cartoonist for The New Yorker and creator of the satirical superhero Too Much Coffee Man. We chat about how observations of humanity’s ridiculous side can lead to inspiration, how not exercising his creative muscle can lead to depression, and more. Check out his work on Instagram.

For his Wonderful Post, Shannon went meta and drew a sketch cartoon of the scene of our chat (a coffee shop of course!), wrote a personal, uplifting note to his recipient on the back, and even included a copy of his book ‘Sh*t My President Says’.

Inspired by Shannon?