@sampom24 // New Jersey, USA

Hi! I'm Sam from New Jersey, USA, and I'm going to be an illustration major this fall.

I wanted to take part in this amazing project to make a difference. People always say that art makes the world a more beautiful place, and I wanted to actually do that.

Eva Georgieva is from Northern Macedonia and seems like such an amazing person. She wants to travel to each country for a bit of time to learn the culture, and believes that the sunsets at each place vary by perspective, which I personally thought was beautiful.

I send a handmade sketchbook/journal, with the cover being a quote from her favourite book, and an illustrated poem.

I hope that these objects will bring Eva some joy during this rough time, and remind her that it can always get better.

This has been such an amazing experience, knowing that I could be making a difference in someone's life. It was difficult in that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to make at first, but I'm incredibly proud of what I ended up making.

My only advice for fellow creators would be to find a way to tie in the person's interests into something you love making; you'll make the best stuff that way :)