Reena // Mumbai, India

Hey Wonderful Creator! Who are you and where are you from?

Hi! I'm Reena Mapari, from Mumbai, India. I am a self taught digital artist. I love to draw and paint as well (on anything and everything!) I also have been creating handmade cards, scrapbooks, bookmarks, etc. since I was a kid.

Why did you want to take part in The Wonderful Post Project?

I have always wanted to send a handwritten snail mail to somebody, as I used to watch many artists on social media, creating beautifully crafted mails. I came across The Wonderful Post Project on Instagram and knew this was my chance to try sending a mail - creating something to someone happy was a bonus!

Tell us about your post recipient.

My post recipient is named Charlie. She likes horses & RuPaul's Drag Race and loves Kpop groups.

What did you create and send for your Wonderful Post?

I made a package of 3 envelopes - I would call it 'The Happiness Package'.

Envelope 1 has a handwritten letter, a Horse Lover bookmark , and some happy and motivational quotes cards. Envelope 2 has a RuPaul quotes card. I also tried drawing and coloring Rupaul on it. I hope she likes it! Envelope 3 (my personal favorite) has a one-month challenge sheet called "The Happiness Challenge". I have put in activities for each day of the month - that would make Charlie happy on a gloomy day! These activities, I feel, will also keep her happy on usual days and her mind would be at peace. I have put in a small journal for her to use as a 'Gratitude Journal' which says 'Grow through what you go through!' - which itself is very motivating.

What reaction do you hope/ imagine your recipient will have to their Wonderful Post?

I hope my Wonderful Post makes my recipient smile as she goes through it, and it helps her stay happy and strong through rough days. My only motive is to let her know - Nobody can be happy always or all the time! But we can at least hold ourselves together and grow through our difficult times, because everything is in the mind, and once you set your mind - you become unstoppable!

Describe the experience of taking part in The Wonderful Post Project.

Believe me when I say, this was a wonderful experience and I am super grateful for this opportunity! I always put my mind and heart at whatever I create, especially as a gift! I am happy I could create something to make someone happy! I hope my art, my work fulfills it's purpose!