Angela Oscario // @oscario_box

Hey Wonderful Creator! Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Angela Oscario from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m a full time visual communication design lecturer and a part time script-writer. I love to tell stories through visual or writing. 

Why did you want to take part in The Wonderful Post Project?

It’s an amazing project. There is nothing more beautiful than make a stranger smiling. It’s a great feeling when your artwork can have a special meaning for someone.

Tell us about your post recipient.

The brief is very short, but I think she is a wonderful person. I imagine someone who is very helpful. She likes to make sure that her family is happy. She is very supportive without even realizing it. As stated in the brief, she loves giraffes, tulips, spending time with her nieces and nephews. 

What did you create and send for your Wonderful Post?

I made a series of postcards with a superhero character named SUPER GEOR-AFFE (stands for Georgia – the recipient’s name and Girrafe). Super Geor-affe is always there when her family needs her, so her niece and nephew want to repay her kindness by giving her a surprise. On the back of the postcards, she can write what’re her superpowers and who's her loved ones.

What reaction do you hope/ imagine your recipient will have to their Wonderful Post?

I hope she realized that she is very valuable for her family. Even though She is very supportive and hardworking, but sometimes it’s okay to take a rest for a little while and let her family who loves her so much to pay her kindness forward.

Describe the experience of taking part in The Wonderful Post Project.

Interesting to make something to people you don’t even know or met. You must imagine who she is, what’s her preferences, and what can make her smile. That’s the most interesting part.

Any advice for other Wonderful Post creators?

Just enjoy the process.

// You can find @oscario_box on Instagram