Kelly // Ohio, USA

Hi, my name is Kelly Corwon I'm an artist from Chippewa Lake, Ohio.

I joined the Wonderful Post Project when a friend of mine introduced me to it.. I know what it's like to struggle and feel bad. I love the idea of bringing some light in what otherwise would be a mundane day for someone. I was also involved in a letter writing project with a similar principal and I enjoyed it so much.

My recipient is Amber, she's a young woman in the UK who works and goes to school while coping with M.E. and P.O.T.S. and her favourite things to help motivate her are YouTube, music and her dog Dee Dee.

I painted a cocker spaniel on a 3*2 canvas. It's the same kind of dog Amber has. It has a little easel so she can display it at home or just keep the little painting in her purse and see her little friend whenever she's feeling down for a little pick me up.

I really hope she likes it. That it brightens her day and that she knows she's loved by friends and family.

I truly enjoyed the experience. It's fun to plan special surprises for people. Especially when you know it will help to brighten their day. Sick or not we all deserve to have a little unexpected love thrown our way. I love the idea of her opening her mail box with a strange little box filled with sunshine.