Brittany Nicole Cox // @nicocurio


“If you don't leave something better than when you found it, if you aren't inspired to create something beautiful for the sake of just that, then what are we doing here, really?!”


In our Meet A Creator series, we highlight some of the amazing people who volunteer their time and artistic skills to make Wonderful Post for someone facing isolation or adversity.

Throughout the short films, we’ll talk all things creativity, from how the creator got to where they are today, to their process and inspirations, as well as all things snail mail.

In this episode, we meet Brittany Nicole Cox, an Antiquarian Horologist hailing from Texas, USA. Brittany is a watch- and clockmaker, and specialises in the conservation and restoration of antique automata and mechanical music objects. In an increasingly digital world, she is dedicated to preserving historical, tactile craft - so we couldn’t be more happy that she’s taking part in The Wonderful Post Project.

In the short film above, we chat about how we’re all governed by time, creativity as the expression of the human spirit, using post to encourage tactile connections, and more. Check out Brittany’s web links: Instagram // Facebook // Memoria Technica

For her Wonderful Post, Brittany used a 1930’s Rose Engine (which is based around technology from the 16th century), to create a handmade, custom metal spinning-top - engraved with precise, intricate geometric patterns. She also wrote an accompanying letter for her recipient, wishing them well, on the back of a card which was decorated by the spinning-top.

At the bottom of her letter was a horology-inspired riddle: “What cannot be bought, earned or sold?” Let us know when you figure out the answer!

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