Lucy Bellwood // @lubellwoo


“I get excited about the idea of engaging in a global creative network, as I really do think it has the capacity to make us better, more compassionate people.”


In our Meet A Creator series, we highlight some of the amazing people who volunteer their time and artistic skills to make Wonderful Post for someone facing isolation or adversity.

Throughout the short films, we’ll talk all things creativity, from how the creator got to where they are today, to their process and inspirations, as well as all things snail mail.

In this episode, we meet Lucy Bellwood, professional adventure cartoonist, tall ship sailor (!) and author of 100 Demon Dialogues and Baggywrinkles. We chat about what she loves about cartooning, how creativity can bring people together, her desire to make tangible things, and much more. Check out Lucy on Instagram and Twitter.

For her Wonderful Post, Lucy used watercolours to create an exquisite tall ship painting, wrote a personal, uplifting letter on the back, and then cut the whole thing into pieces to create a jigsaw puzzle. We dig this approach - the recipient of Lucy’s Wonderful Post will only be able to make sense of the letter after a small puzzle based task! Finally, Lucy used dripping hot ceiling wax and a stamp to seal her envelope in a truly unique, lovely way.

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