Lena // @lenartbloom

My name ist Lena, I'm 21 years old and a graphic design student from Germany. In particular I really love illustrating colorful cheerful things.  My instagram page is @lenartbloom

Wonderful Post seemed like a really cool project and I wanted to give it a try since my favorite part about creating is making people happy with it and that's basically what the intention of the project is!

The person that I sent the post to LOVES animals, especially cats and dogs (as you might be able to tell :P ). They are living in France, but their family is living in the UK. Unfortunately they are house-bound due to a severe disease and unable to see their family since they are living so far away.

I made 2 paintings with Gouache and Fineliner. On the backside of one drawing I wrote a little note to them and I also hand-made 3 small magnets. All of these things are colorful and bright and featuring lots of cute cats and puppies!

I hope it will make them smile and brighten their day and show them that people are thinking about them!

I was so excited when I got the information about my recipient. And I think it's double as exciting that it's gonna be a surprise for them as well! I love sharing my art with people and I think that it's so much more personal in this way since it's made only for them and I think that's amazing. It was really really fun!!

My advice to others would be to create something that YOU enjoy creating, through that I'm sure the person receiving it will also experience that joy!