Cristina Martinez // @Sew_Trill

“Surprising people and sending something in the mail to them… they just get so happy and I think it’s awesome, and it’s nice to get something different that’s not, like, a bill.”

In our Meet A Creator series, we highlight some of the amazing people who volunteer their time and artistic skills to make Wonderful Post for someone facing isolation or adversity.

Throughout the short films, we’ll talk all things creativity, from how the creator got to where they are today, to their process and inspirations, as well as all things snail mail.

In this episode, we meet Cristina Martinez. Originally from Tacoma, and now based in Seattle, Washington, Cristina shares her incredible work on Instagram as @Sew_Trill.

For her Wonderful Post, Cristina painted her infamous ‘Water Me.’ using acrylic paint, and accompanied it with a personal, handwritten note stuck to the back of it.

Inspired by Cristina?