@chlo.myerss // Newcastle, UK

My name is Chloe and I'm 20 and spend most time at Newcastle as that's where I go to uni. I love to make art and when I heard about the wonderful post I had to get involved!

I grew up in a quite remote place so I understand how people are easily alienated and I think the wonderful post is doing amazing things for vulnerable people in these situations or just people who need a lovely little pick me up. I was so excited to receive the details about my post nomination because I was so eager to do their story justice! Sunny is an elderly lady who was involved in a road accident and lost her leg, she was nominated as working through that trauma was tough for her. I was told she loved all things roses and floral as well as the sky and sunshine so I knew immediately that I wanted sunny to receive a little ray of sunshine in the post! ️

I created a few little pieces themed with the things she was described to love! A weave made with bright and bold colours just to place on her wall or even keep in her bag or with her, I think they work really well as a little stress tool so I hope she loves it. I also made some screenprints with collaged roses on top and copied both pieces on to photo paper in case she wanted to spread the message on them to her friends or family. My main medium is embroidery so of course I wanted to make her a small little piece to hang on the wall of the moon and stars and alongside that I made a little zine with a little letter for her inside.

I had so much fun making the work for sunny and I hope she loves the parcel as much as I do! She has an amazing story and I hope just a few little pieces from me will help her recognise how fabulous she is! I've included my email and address in the hopes she writes back and I can make her some more things.

If I had any advice for other creators I would say to really sit and think about who you're making for because that will be recognised and appreciated by your recipient in the work you create and to also encourage others to get involved because the wonderful post is such a lovely project!!