Britt // Denmark

I shipped my #WonderfulPost to my recipient, Sam. I was told that she very much likes fairies, so I found a little piece of writing about fairies, typed it out on my Olymia typewriter and put it into a collage. I also found a poem about fairies, typed it out on typewriter and collaged it. Then I remembered a story from Iceland, about elves, that I found hillarious and wanted to share with Sam. I shared this story in letter form. Since my recipient also likes Gin very much, I made a little card about Gin. On the backside of the card is a little story containing Gin, written in hand. I enclosed some photos relating in some way or another to the stories I had shared. Each photo was enclosed in the envelope with the story it belonged to. It was all wrapped in small decorated envelopes with little tags to go with the content.

You can find @brittsvejstrup on Instagram.