@be.zzu // El Salvador

Hey Wonderful Creator! Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Bessy from El Salvador, a tiny little country in Central America.

Why did you want to take part in The Wonderful Post Project?

I wanted to share an experience with other people. Even though we haven't met we can inspire each other and feel supported with something as simple as a letter.

Tell us about your post recipient.

Zoe in UK nominated her friend Amy 😄She loves her family, her garden, cocktails, games nights, crafting, spa days and is also a Pink fan. But overall Zoe described her as the most epic friend, always there for her.

What did you create and send for your Wonderful Post?

For Amy I did a stand up card that can be on display to remind her how awesome and fearless she is and how much her friend Zoe loves her. I used some lyrics from her favorite singer Pink's song that says "Raise your glass" and combined with floral elements like a pocket size garden with depth for a bigger effect.

*Also I sent an special card for Zoe but that's a surprise <shssst>

What reaction do you hope/ imagine your recipient will have to their Wonderful Post?

I hope Amy feels empowered and surprised by the mail her friend Zoe requested. And also I hope this can be a token to celebrate their friendship.

Describe the experience of taking part in The Wonderful Post Project.

I'm so glad I joined. It was something to look forward at the end of the day, to work on my mail, something I paint, cut and glued with my hands.

Any advice for other Wonderful Post creators?

I think this helped me more that I expected. This is a "two ways" project. It's about the recipient and the experience they would have and how you as the creator can do something significant. I think that anything sent with love has an effect in our mood, it can be just a few words, a poem, a draw, an emoji, just anything... and moreover now that we rarely send cards or letter, receiving snail mail is a whole experience, the envelope, the surprise, the textures... It is very unique.