@asta_lander // Western Australia

My name is Asta Lander. I was born in Scotland but I grew up in country WA. Currently I live in Perth, but my husband and I will be moving to a town known for its artistic community, later this year. We are blessed with three grown kids and two rescued animals. I am a visual artist and poet. I have numerous styles. The piece I did for my recipient is mixed media collage on found cardboard. I have been doing a lot of my art on found materials lately. I am also the creator of elfangels - little sketches. They carry messages of hope into the world. I have created a zine with their messages, which have been received warmly. My next one will come out soon. I like to send them to people who need a boost and ask for people to nominate themselves or friends.

Why the project? I feel it's one of my purposes to share what I make from my heart and this gave me another opportunity to do so.

My recipient is Karin. My middle name is Karen! She lives in the UK. I hear she's a fabulous mum, who is always there for her family. That is certainly reason enough to spoil her. (Motherhood has meant a huge amount to me personally. ) I set an intention to give her a rest and a deep sense of peace..with some star magic.

What reaction do I hope for? A peaceful sigh...

How was the experience? Well I did find it stressful thinking that I might have to create a piece based on specific likes...but when I released that and allowed it to flow as a blessing on her life...the process was joyful and a privilege.

Advise to creators- remain true to who you are. Don't get too tense about the whats or hows. Whatever you make, with a generous heart, will be gratefully received for the gift it is. Let it also bless you.