Wonderful Post Community Guidelines

The Wonderful Post Project is a community art project that exists to send hope, happiness & inspiration through the mail.

The project is powered by trust, positivity and good vibes, and works best when everyone follows a few basic guidelines.

  • Do no harm

  • Stick to the format

  • Get Creative

  • Share the Love

Do no harm

Never abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate anyone, or attempt to sell or solicit anything.

Please don’t post anything that is political, religious, offensive, creepy, pornographic, profane or includes copyrighted content that you don’t own.

In short, just be cool and send kindness.

Also, please don’t pressure your recipient for a reply or attempt to visit them in person.

You can report anything dodgy to hello@wonderfulpost.org and we’ll look into straight away.

Get Creative

The idea of the project is send creative, handmade post. Artists of all skills levels and styles are welcome!

Here’s some ideas.

Share the love

We love to see your creations! Tag us in your image on Instagram (@wonderfulpost_) .

Support other Wonderful Posters. Share, like etc.

Let’s start a movement!