Seattle, Washington, USA

Brittany Nicole Cox


Brittany is an Antiquarian Horologist, a watch and clock maker that specializes in making and restoring automata and mechanical musical objects.

"If you don't leave something better than when you found it, if you aren't inspired to create something beautiful for the sake of just that, then what are we doing here, really?!

For her Wonderful Post, Brittany used the incredible rose engine machine in her workshop to create a handmade, custom metal spinning-top - engraved with precise, intricate geometric patterns. She also wrote an accompanying letter for her post recipient, wishing them well, on the back of a card which was decorated by the spinning-top.

Accompanying her letter was a horology-inspired riddle: “What cannot be bought, earned or sold?”

If you were going to send a piece of creative snail mail that expressed who you were, to a fellow Wonderful Post participant somewhere on planet Earth, what would you send?

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