Let’s bring the world together through creative snail mail

In this digital age, we can communicate more easily than ever before, but somehow we are more disconnected, more lonely and the world is more divided than ever.

We believe handwritten post has a unique ability to bring humans together.

We all remember the anticipation, wonder and excitement of receiving interesting mail. Letters can transfer human character in a way that social media simply cannot. You can touch the paper, smell the ink. Every handwritten piece of mail is a unique imprint of a person that you can hold on to and treasure.

So, in a divided world, we want to use the humble power of post to bring people together.

People from every corner the globe and those close-by but kept apart. Young, old; rich, poor; people of all educations, colours, beliefs, circumstance & abilities.

Post can transcend borders and help us all connect as humans again.

We’d love it if you’d join our campaign. Sign up to swap your first name and address with a stranger from another place or background. Send them a piece of creative post that reflects who you are and where you come from. Receive back a piece of unique, creative, wonderful post in return.

Let’s create a global love-letter to togetherness, creativity & the mail.

With excitement and stamps,

The Wonderful Post Team