Let’s unleash the power of post...

Let’s unleash the humble power of post.

Join our mission to bring the world together, one letter at a time.


Snail mail Can connect us on a level that social media simply cannot.

Post is Wonderful. It can brighten days, open minds, and bring us closer together.

Our mail projects help people celebrate their differences, delight in their similarities, and deliver hope & understanding around the world.


Our projects…

The Wonderful Xmas Post

1 million older people in the UK won’t hear from anyone this Christmas. Join our campaign to send uplifting festive mail.

Art Everywhere

A mail-art experiment connecting humans in 35 countries.

Join our community of Wonderful Post creators.


Wonderful Post creators are artists & writers, of all different skill levels, who volunteer their time and stamps to connect with other humans around the world.

In the last 12 months we’ve sent over 5000 pieces of uplifting & creative mail from 33 countries.

We’d love you to join us! Grab a cuppa, turn up the tunes, crack out the crayons. Stretch your creative skills and help bring the world together through the humble power of post.



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